Annual Report

Gaza Strip 2021

Fifteen years of siege, four wars and the Corona pandemic

This report reviews the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, based on the narration of the basic causes of this situation in terms of the continuous closure and siege and its reflection on the economic and general situation of the population, which in turn led to poor physical and health conditions, poor educational status for students inside the Strip, and the lack of basic needs and requirements for improving conditions livelihood of the population.


Humanitarian Media Center-HMC issues a report on the reality and needs of education in the Gaza Strip. 1.17 MB 3 downloads

Humanitarian Media Center in Gaza issued a new report entitled “The Reality and...

Demographic indicators 2021 44.26 KB 9 downloads


Education Situation in 2021 127.68 KB 8 downloads

Education is a fundament human right that serves as foundation for all human rights. ...